Shipping OPTIONS

There are two options for shipping the transmission in. We have a number of accounts set up through many companies for your convenience.  We will cover the shipping costs up front, and then simply add it to your final bill. There is no need to pay in advance.

Option 1: Ship via truck freight. This is the best, quickest and safest method.

  1. Drain fluid and secure to a good quality pallet.
  2. (a) Send from a business with a commercial address. It must be zoned commercial and have plenty of access room for an 18-wheeler. We will need the business name, address, hours of operation, contact name, phone number and email address. (b) Drop off at the local shipping terminal. There is no difference in cost either way. This varies from $100 to $200 each way, depending on distance. Contact us for quote.
  3. Notes: Drain all fluid, remove the bellhousing, slave cylinder, and shifter. The weight and dimensions of the pallet are not going to affect the cost.
  4. Contact us to arrange the shipment.

Option 2: Ship via UPS Ground. This method is a last resort, if freight shipping isn’t feasible, or available in your area.

  1. We can send a pre-paid shipping label for your transmission via email. Simply provide us with your name and contact info. Also include a paper inside the box with all your info as well as any details about your transmission.
  2. Drain all the fluid, remove all sensors, brackets, solenoids, shifter, bellhousing & slave cylinder
    *Note: It is very important that everything possible is removed. This will keep the package under 150lbs so you can avoid expensive freight charges. Typically, it’s $100-110 for shipping each way in the lower 48 states.
  3. Send the transmission to us (see instructions below).
    • Purchase a heavy duty box, or a 50-gallon rubber tote (plastic tub). They are typically $20. These containers make an excellent shipping box, as they are very light and strong.
    • Thoroughly wrap the transmission up with cardboard. Set it in the box while packing it with any type of good packing material (cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.). The goal is to locate the transmission in the center of the box, vertically as well as horizontally, and packed to the point where it won’t move during transit.
    • Next, fasten the lid down securely. Use duct tape or drill holes around the perimeter, so you can then run zip ties through.
  4. Drop the package off at a UPS or Fed Ex. Once the transmission is received at our facility, it will be disassembled. At this time, we’ll contact you with a price quote. No payment is required until the work is completed.
  5. Depending on current work load, we’ll typically need two to five business days to complete the build. Once the unit is built and ready to send back, we’ll contact you for payment. Then the unit will be shipped and you’ll be provided with a tracking number.