Tremec Transmissions

Tremec transmissions are proven winners with high-end muscle and sport car owners. With over 55 years under their belts, Tremec has perfected the art of performance mechanics. Supplying both aftermarket and vehicle manufacturers, a Tremec Transmission is the way to go.

Tremec’s line of high-performance 6-speed transmissions uses state-of-the-art engineering to ensure your vehicle is getting the most power and best drivability. Precision-crafted gears, carbon-hybrid synchro rings, and billet bronze shift fork pads are just some of the amazing features these transmissions offer. Tremec’s manual transmissions will boost your vehicle’s performance in no time. More torque, better high-RPM shifting, and more horsepower will have you feeling faster and smoother on the road. From GM to Ford, Camaro to Corvette, a new Tremec transmission reigns superior.

At TDP, we are huge Tremec fans. Supplying you with all types of TR6060 and T56 drivetrains, we believe in the power and optimization this transmission can give you. Contact us today to discuss products and installation.


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