TR6060 Upgrade/Build Kits

Do you have a Tremec TR6060 transmission and need an upgrade, replacement part, or entire build kit? If so, then look no further. From synchro ring sets to full build kits, TDP has got your back. At the heart of every TR6060 upgrade lies small, but powerful components called synchronizer rings. Synchronizer rings are associated with each gear and are designed to produce friction torque. This torque accelerates or decelerates the input shaft during any gear shift.

It’s likely that if you drive your sports or muscle car aggressively that the OEM synchro rings will start to show wear and tear. You may start to hear a grinding noise between gear changes or the car may refuse to go into gear altogether.

Luckily, at TDP we’ve got the best carbon-hybrid synchro ring kits and individual sets on the market. Upgrade from the factory sintered metallic rings, these sets are guaranteed to lead to smoother and quicker shifts. If you’re thinking about taking your TR6060 transmission to the next level our upgrades and build kits are a great place to start.

Contact us today and our team of experts will help you figure out which part is right for your vehicle!


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